the basics

The Black Student Alliance at Virginia Tech defines collaboration as a mutually beneficial partnership between two or more groups that helps better the Virginia Tech community.

The Black Student Alliance offers a variety of events and programs for the Virginia Tech community that are often social, educational, and cultural in nature. If you are interested in partnering on an existing event, please contact us directly at

BSA plans its events a months in advance. In accordance with this, submissions for the current month will not be considered. The most successful proposals for collaboration with BSA are submitted and facilitated a semester ahead of the proposed event.

bsa is not a funding board.

If you are seeking funding for an event please visit the Student Budget Board website


  1. BSA will not violate Virginia Tech policies for any reason whatsoever

  2. BSA will not promote the products or services of any particular corporation as a result of a collaboration

  3. All collaboration proposals should be submitted in writing to BSA. If deemed feasible (via approval from the Executive Board), a subsequent meeting will be scheduled and a collaboration contract negotiated

  4. Each collaboration shall be discussed on its own merit and not compared to previous or pending events

  5. BSA will not endorse or support any collaborations that denigrate the human experience or promote racist, sexist, or homophobic ideals

  6. If applicable, advertisements for the collaborative event must:

    • List BSA as a co-presenter of the program

    • Include the BSA logo

    • Feature the program as the primary focus of advertising

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