Do I have to be black to join BSA or go to your events?
No. We encourage people from all backgrounds to join our organization and participate in our events.

What is the difference between BOC and BSA?
The Black Organizations Council (BOC) serves as an umbrella organization and resource body for Black organizations at Virginia Tech as well as an advocate for the Black community. They serve as a liaison between the Black community, university organizations, and university administration. The Black Student Alliance (BSA) is program board that exists to provide outlets for entertainment and education about Black culture and the Black experience at Virginia Tech.

Do your events cost money?
With the exception of our larger shows, our events have no admission costs. Our funding is provided by the student activity fee and so we do our best to only charge admission when absolutely necessary.

How can my organization partner with BSA on an event?
We have a form that you can fill out here. We'll take a look at the proposal and get back to you.